Compare the F-350 with the Competition in Soda Springs and Preston

Ford Knows Trucks: The new Ford F-350 at Hunzeker Ford


In the world of ¾ ton pick-up trucks, functionality and performance mean everything. With many companies making them now days, it can get confusing which one offers what. Well here at Hunzeker Ford we want you to know how the new Ford F-350 matches up to the competition, so we're going to outline a few ways for you.

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Ford F-350 vs. Silverado 3500

  • If power is a fa ctor, which it should be, the F-350 has a larger 6.2-liter engine compared to the Silverado which has a 6.0-liter engine.
  • The F-350 is larger. When you buy a vehicle this big, you want to get the most space out of it. With an overall length of 263 inches and a height of 79.9 inches, the Ford has the upper hand on size.
  • The F-350 has a larger base payload capacity of 6460 pounds where the Silverado 3500 has just 5937 pounds.

Ford F-350 vs. Ram 3500

  • Again the Ford has a larger engine with a 6.2-liter engine compared to a 5.7-liter in the Ram
  • The F-350 comes equipped with more standard features than the Ram. With standard premium radio, leather seats, and a navigation system, the Ram only offers these features as optional.
  • The Ford has a larger truck bed volume of 77 cubic feet compared to the Ram which only has 58 cubic feet.

Ford F-350 vs. GMC Sierra 3500

  • The F-350 has many more standard features. With standard premium radio, navigation, leather seats, and power mirrors and power drivers seats, the Sierra either doesn't have those features available, or they are optional for more money.
  • The F-350 has a better payload base Capacity with 6460 pounds compared to 5743 pounds in the Sierra.
These are just a few of the ways the Ford F-350 stacks up to the competition. Ready to see for yourself? We invite you to join us at Hunzeker Ford and experience for yourself the amazing power and performance of the new Ford F-350 today!


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