Snow Tire Information - Thrive in the Idaho Winter at Todd Hunzeker Ford!

Take On Winter in Idaho With Properly Equipped Snow Tires

Here in Idaho, we drivers know a thing or two about poor weather driving conditions. With winter always on the horizon, we want to remind our customers of the importance of snow tires for safe and confident travelling during the snowy Idaho winter ahead. We want all drivers in the greater Pocatello and Idaho Falls areas to be safe out on the roads this winter, so whether you're in need of new snow tires or need your current snow tires equipped to your vehicle, we welcome you to join us here at Todd Hunzeker Ford to have it all done regardless of what make or model you're driving.

Why Having Snow Tires Is Important

If you've ever wondered what makes winter tires so different from summer or all season tires, we want to provide you with some information surrounding the importance of having snow tires on your vehicle this winter.

  • Why Do I Need Snow Tires?: Even if your vehicle has all-wheel drive, equipping it with the proper snow tires is the only way to improve your traction, handling, and braking ability in inclement driving conditions. Here in Idaho, we deal with poor weather driving all the time, so it's important that your vehicle is properly outfitted to make driving safer for you and everyone else on the road.
  • How Are Snow Tires Different From All-Season Tires?: The difference mainly comes down to tread and maximizing traction in snowy, icy, and slushy driving conditions. Winter tires are engineered with high sipe density to create a biting edge and grip the winter roads. All-season tires are made to be versatile and capable to take on most weather conditions, but are not recommended for winter driving here in Idaho.
  • When Should You Get Snow Tires Put On?: It's a good idea to have your snow tires equipped before it gets into the winter months, when it's most likely to snow, to ensure that you aren't caught off guard by a surprise snow storm, although it's never too late to have them equipped here at our dealership.

Equip or Purchase Winter Tires at Todd Hunzeker Ford near Pocatello

We want you to enjoy a safe and confident driving experience this winter, so whether you're in need of new snow tires or you need to find the proper tires to fit your vehicle, we want to invite you to have it all done right here at Todd Hunzeker Ford! Our dealership is located right in Soda Springs, ID and we proudly serve drivers from all over Idaho Falls, Pocatello, ID; Afton, WY; and Montpelier, ID.

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