The 2018 Ford Explorer: More Than An SUV

Sport Utility Vehicles range in a number of sizes and shapes. The 2018 Ford Explore is at the apex of its class because it brings so much to the table. You can drive this vehicle on dirt roads, or you can drive it on the open highway. Having such a strong EcoBoost engine, you can drive the Explorer right up the side of a mountain.

Depending on the selected model, you'll have enough torque to pull a fairly decent sized boat. The Explorer's (Sport & Platinum) model is capable of handling any type of terrain thanks to its 4WD Terrain Management System. It would be hard trying to find another SUV at this size that display this much efficient power. Its Advance Trac System has great sway control, especially when towing is involved.

The 2018 Ford Explorer is basically setting new trends, and it's changing the current status quo for Sport Utility Vehicles.

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