Technology Features You'll Appreciate in the New Ford Mustang

We like to inform our buyers when something exciting gets on the lot at Todd Hunzeker Ford Inc. Today, we can't wait to share some important information about the technology features packed into this year’s new Ford Mustang sports car.

One of the ways the Ford Mustang is able to keep you safe when tired or even distracted is by way of the Lane-Keeping System. Sensors are constantly monitoring the road and will be able to identify if drifting does occur. If so, your steering wheel will vibrate in an effort to grab your attention before steering assist is activated to nudge you back in the lane.

Get the all-new Mustang on the road and the Pre-Collision Assist system is going to begin scanning ahead for any possible threat of a collision. When detected, the driver is given several visual alerts before the braking system starts to pre-charge and slow down your vehicle to avert trouble.

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