DIY headlight Cleaning Methods

Like the other parts on your vehicle, your headlights require routine maintenance. Headlights are easy to overlook up there in the front, but they perform an important service. Keeping them clean will improve you night driving experience, particularly on roads without street lights. There are a couple of techniques for renewing them that you may want to try.

The first one is simply to scrub them with a toothpaste solution. Add some toothpaste to a warm damp cloth and work it around each of the lenses to take much of the debris off. Depending on how bad it’s built up, you may want to repeat the process. Finish by rinsing with a clean damp cloth. Although this process is most effective on plastic headlights, there’s no reason why you can’t use it on glass.

Another process for glass headlights involves using sandpaper and polish. Using a series of grit sizes, beginning with the coarsest, gently work your way around each lens. Use care in removing scratches and other blemishes. Repeat this step with each grit size to the finest. Finish the task with a good polish using glass cleaner.

When you’re in the Soda Springs area, stop in to Todd Hunzeker Ford Inc. and speak with one of our knowledgeable service team. We’re here to assist you with all your vehicle maintenance needs.

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