The Ford Fiesta Offers Power and Handling at An Affordable Price

The Ford Fiesta ST is a popular performance hatchback with a budget-friendly price. If you're looking for power and performance, the Fiesta is the hatchback for you.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST has a 1.6L TI-VCT EcoBoost engine. This 197-horsepower engine takes the Ford Fiesta from zero to sixty miles per hour in an impressive 6.9 seconds. The Ford Fiesta even looks fast with its high-mounted rear spoiler, 17-inch aluminum wheels, and sleek racing profile.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta isn't just fast; it's also safe. The AdvanceTrac feature regulates engine torque and engages the brakes if the wheels begin to slip. With AdvanceTrac working in conjunction with the anti-lock braking system, you'll have traction regardless of the weather.

Can you picture yourself driving through the streets of Soda Springs, ID in a Ford Fiesta? Stop by Todd Hunkzeker Ford Inc's showroom to take one for a test drive today!

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