Did Extreme Temperatures Damage My Car Battery?

The liquids inside the car battery casing are impacted by extreme temperatures. During excessive heat, liquids can evaporate. In extreme freezing weather, those liquids solidify and make it harder for the charging system to operate.

Here's how to test your car battery:

  • If the battery terminals have any signs of corrosion, using a wire brush, carefully clean the connection points.
  • Be sure to have on safety glasses when working around the car battery.
  • A voltmeter has two cables, red and black, positive and negative. The red goes to positive on the battery, black to negative on your car battery.
  • Load test the battery, if the reading is at or higher than 12.4, the battery should be in good shape. You need to be concerned when the test shows 12.2 or lower on the voltmeter.

You can always come to Todd Hunzeker Ford Inc. and our service team will test the car battery and replace if it is needed.


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