The Ford Transit Connect for Your Growing Family

Do you need room for driving your kids, and their friends, to sports events, dance classes, field trips, etc.? The short wheelbase Ford Transit Connect holds seven passengers in addition to the driver. The long wheelbase model brings the total count up to 12, plus room for sports gear, science projects, groceries, and supplies.

Standard safety features include ultrasonic sensors front and rear along with a rearview camera. When you shift into reverse, you get a video image of what is behind your vehicle and prompts to help guide you in backing up.

In addition to the regular airbags, the safety canopy system provides side-curtain airbags that deploy downward and outward to protect front passengers and provide cushions between them and impact into the side windows. Curve Control helps you maintain control by sensing if you are entering a curve too fast and reducing engine torque and applying the brakes simultaneously to all four wheels.

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