Choosing the Right Oil for Your Vehicle

Using the wrong oil in your car or truck is going to result in serious damage to the engine, and your warranty most likely won't cover those repairs. That is one of the reasons why all drivers should spend some time familiarizing themselves with oil viscosity ratings.

When choosing auto oil, each product label is going to have two sets of numbers that are separated by a “w” and a dash symbol. The number that comes before the “w” is the viscosity of the oil at low temperatures while the number after the dash is the viscosity of the oil at high temperatures. Those viscosity ratings are determined by how fast the fluid can move through the engine.

If you are unsure of what type of oil to use, then the team here at Todd Hunzeker Ford Inc. would love to help. Feel free to stop by our service center in Soda Springs, ID for your next oil change.

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