Enjoy the Weather on Pleasant Days While Driving a Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport is available in multiple trims, and every option has a standard moonroof. If you always need fresh air while driving to stores, restaurants, or malls, you'll enjoy taking advantage of the EcoSport's convenient power moonroof.

When there are cool breezes outdoors, you can pull back the EcoSport's moonroof quickly and easily by pressing one button. While the panel is opened, everyone in the cabin will feel crisp air since the opening is mounted in the center of the roof. If sunlight begins to shine directly on passengers, the sunshade can block the rays. This shade is very useful on muggy days as it can effectively reduce heat gain.

At Todd Hunzeker Ford Inc., there are many new Ford EcoSport vehicles for sale. We care about customer satisfaction, so everyone who visits our lot can examine various vehicles and set up test drives. Our salesmen proudly serve potential buyers throughout Soda Springs, ID.

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