Discover What the Ford F-150 Can Do

The Ford F-150 is known for its great towing capabilities. The popular full-size pickup truck has high tow ratings when it's equipped with the right engine and equipment. However, you can also enhance the driving experience with some additional towing features.

An innovative productivity screen is available on many F-150 models at Todd Hunzeker Ford Inc. in Soda Springs, ID. This screen is located directly in front of the steering wheel and provides important towing information at a glance. The 8-inch screen works with the smart trailer tow connector to alert you of any connectivity issues that may arise on the road as well.

You can also get a Blind Spot Information system that covers your trailer. In addition to letting you know when drivers get next to the truck, the coverage of the system extends all the way back to your trailer. A light on the corresponding side mirror will let you know when it's not safe to merge or change lanes.

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